Video - Paving Over Paradise | Water Brothers

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Wendy MacKeigan
Alex Mifflin
Tyler Mifflin
Samantha Blake
Jacob Thompson
Nick Koro
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Wetlands are the most diverse and ecologically important ecosystems in Ontario. They help purify water, control floods, reduce erosion and fight climate change. They provide critical habitat for nearly a quarter of Ontario's species at risk and more than $14 billion in annual economic benefits. Yet, despite all these amazing things wetlands do for us, they continue to disappear at a rapid pace. Less than 30 percent of our original wetlands remain in Southern Ontario. In the Niagara region and GTA, that number drops to 10 percent.

Paving Over Paradise will take the Water Brothers to Ontario's most pristine and healthy wetlands to dive right into swamps, marshes and bogs to discover their rich diversity of life and experience why these habitats are so vital to us all. Across Southern Ontario, the Brothers will meet with local farmers, conservation organizations and concerned citizens who are taking action and work alongside them as they restore wetlands on their own properties and help control the spread of the invasive plant species phragmites that are taking over wetland habitats across the province. On Pelee Island and at the mouth of the Don River, we will also witness the creation of two massive wetland restoration projects that will soon play a significant role in Paving Over Paradise.