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Conservation Status of Caribou in the Western Mountains of Canada: Protections under the Species At Risk Act, 2002-2014

This project looked at COSEWIC's 2014 reassessment of Northern Mountain, Central Mountain, and Southern Mountain caribou in Western Canada and reviewed actions taken to conserve and recover declining subpopulations. Based on declines, future developments and current recovery effects, the authors offer the following recommendations: 1) where recovery actions are necessary, commit to simultaneously reducing human intrusion into caribou ranges, re-storing habitat over the long term, and conducting short-term predator control, 2) carefully consider COSEWIC’s new DU structure for management and recovery actions, especially regarding translocations, 3) carry out regular surveys to monitor the condition of Northern Mountain caribou subpopulations and immediately implement preventative measures where necessary, and 4) undertake a proactive, planned approach coordinated across jurisdictions to conserve landscape processes important to caribou conservation.