Video - Revegetation Success of Foothills Fescue Grassland (2014)

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Jay Woosaree
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Jay Woosaree, revegetation ecologist for Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, talks about revegetation success of foothills fescue grassland over the last twenty years. This large seral and long lived perennial forage provides important ecological functions, so it is vital that functioning and self-sustaining Fescue grasslands can be restored. Current practices include the use of herbicide application, soil fumigation, tillage and seeding of a nurse crop. 

Woosaree explained soil characteristics play a relevant factor in the success of this work, so soil samples are taken. Microbial diversity is also measured and assessed. The 2012 spring seeding showed better establishments; Fescue, forb and legume plugs are doing well and sustainably produced seeds in 2013 and 2014. This presentation was a part of the Foothills Restoration Forum Annual Fall Information Session in Claresholm, Alberta on November 20, 2014.