Webinar - Using Isotopes to Study Climate Related Changes to our Water Resources

Tricia Stadnyk
John Gibson
Francisco Castrillon
Bernhard Mayer
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The impacts of climate change can be clearly seen in our water resources. In Alberta, water quality is changing, and water supply is more variable and increasingly uncertain due to extreme weather events. Stable isotopes have been used to investigate water balance processes, and the relationships between hydrology, vegetation and ecosystems. These tools can help build an accurate baseline of water resources to better understand potential future states. This webinar brings together four researchers who are using isotopes in different ways to characterize how climate change is affecting our water:

•    Dr. Tricia Stadnyk, Professor & Canada Research Chair, University of Calgary 
•    Francisco Castrillon Munoz, M.Sc., P.Geo., Senior Researcher - Environmental Services, InnoTech Alberta 
•    Dr. John Gibson, Principal Researcher - Environmental Services, InnoTech Alberta 
•    Dr. Bernhard Mayer, Professor, University of Calgary