Alberta Oil Sands Environmental Research Program Interim Report Covering the Period April 1975 to November 1978

Stuart Smith
A.S. Mann
R.A. Hursey
R.T. Seidner
B. Kasinska-Banas
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This Interim Report summarizes AOSERP research over the period April 1975 to November 1978. The investigations referred to herein involved over 100 researchers from government agencies, universities, and private consultants. In addition, the first draft of this report was sent to a number of reviewers outside AOSERP for comment. In large measure therefore, this report abstracts the work of the nearly 150 research projects directly connected with or related to oil sands development. The development of the Athabasca Deposit, one of several oil sands deposits in Alberta, has been the subject of intense interest for several decades. The Athabasca Deposit contains more than 600 x 109 barrels of bitumen reserves, and constitutes about 88 percent of the known oil sands in Alberta. Consequently, its potential to augment the oil supply of Canada has been a driving force in present development, and will continue to gene rate pressure for further development.