Boreal Caribou Monitoring Toolkit: Data or Evidence Analysis

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Toolkit organization diagram

The Data or Evidence Analysis section of the Boreal Caribou Monitoring Toolkit is intended to include methods that can be used to analyze the field data associated with monitoring boreal caribou and may include resources that pertain to data analysis, interpretation, or statistical modelling. This is the newest section of the toolkit and can be expanded at a later date. Should the toolkit user have resources they would like to submit to this section of the toolkit, kindly contact the NBCKC secretariat

Subsection 1: Modelling 

  • Stay tuned! The Modelling methods tool is currently being planned by the Monitoring Working Group.

Subsection 2: Analysis 

Subsection 3: Treatment of Indigenous Knowledge

  • Principles for cross-cultural collaboration: practical aspects to reconciling Indigenous and non-Indigenous ways of knowing is currently being developed by the Indigenous Knowledge Circle of the NBCKC and guidance tools produced therein will be connected to the current toolkit as they become available.