Caribou and Reindeer Migrations in the Changing Arctic

Kyle Joly
Anne Gunn
Steeve Côté
Manuela Panzacchi
Jan Adamczewski
Michael Suitor
Eliezer Gurarie
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Caribou and reindeer, Rangifer tarandus, are the most numerous and socio-ecologically important terrestrial species in the Arctic. Their migrations are directly and indirectly affected by the seasonal nature of the northernmost regions, human development and population size; all of which are impacted by climate change. We review the most critical drivers of Rangifer migration and how a rapidly changing Arctic may affect them. In
order to conserve large Rangifer populations, they must be allowed free passage along their migratory routes to reach seasonal ranges. We also provide some pragmatic ideas to
help conserve Rangifer migrations into the future.

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