Evaluation of the Baseline Hydrometric and Water Quality Networks in the AOSERP Study Area

E.K. Yaremko
R.B. Murray
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Prior to 1975 information on surface water hydrology in the oil sands area was very limited. During 1975 and 1976 a number of hydrometric gauging stations were provided by AOSERP to bring the total number of stations in the area to 32. Measurements of standard water quality parameters began at these stations in 1976 and a regular monthly sampling program was instituted in 1977. As data became available from this extensive network, a need to analyze the data for redundancies or gaps was recognized within AOSERP. Thus, this project was initiated with the general objective to evaluate the streamflow, suspended sediment, lake level, and water quality networks in the AOSERP study area so as to provide the basis for continuation and/or redirection.