Intergovernmental Partnership Agreement for the Conservation of the Central Group of the Southern Mountain Caribou

Government of British Columbia
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This Agreement sets out the parties Shared Recovery Objective of immediately stabilizing and expeditiously growing the population of the Central Group (of Southern Mountain Caribou) to levels that are self-sustaining and support traditional aboriginal harvesting activities, consistent with existing Aboriginal and Treaty rights.

In order to achieve this Shared Recovery Objective, the Agreement sets out a series of recovery measures, management zones and processes for developing regulatory measures to support the Shared Recovery Objective.

The Agreement also creates a Caribou Recovery Committee (CRC) that will be responsible for reviewing applications and arriving at a consensus recommendation on all applications within the Sustainable Resource Activity Areas of the Partnership Agreement.  The CRC will provide their consensus recommendations to decision-makers on whether the application contributes to the achievement of the Shared Recovery Objective and meets the criteria as laid out in Schedule 1 of the Partnership Agreement.