PhytoPet© – A Database of Plants that Play a Role in the Phytoremediation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons

R.E. Farrell
C.M. Frick
J.J. Germida
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The cold climate and short growing season characteristic of the major oil and gas producing regions of western Canada make it particularly important to conduct phytoremediation research on plants adapted to local conditions. These findings underscore the need for new research initiatives to assess the potential of phytoremediation as a method of remediating hydrocarbon contaminated sites in western Canada.

As a result of the general lack of knowledge regarding the selection and availability of plants suitable for phytoremediation under Canadian climatic and ecological conditions, we surveyed the available literature and developed a database (PhytoPet©) containing information on plants with a demonstrated potential to phytoremediate or tolerate petroleum hydrocarbons. The PhytoPet© database was then used in conjunction with site surveys to develop a catalogue of plants with the potential to phytoremediate hydrocarbon contaminated soils in the Prairie and Boreal Plain Ecozones of western Canada. Here we provide a demonstration of the PhytoPet© database.