Scaling Up the Role of Predation in Caribou Declines in West‐Central Alberta (Redwillow, Narraway, Redrock Prairie Creek, A la Pêche and Little Smoky Ranges). Interim Report

Nick DeCesare
Christina Semeniuk
Marco Musiani
Mark Hebblewhite
Jesse Whittington
Angela Aivaz
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Our primary goal is to address the relative contributions of forestry and oil and gas production to the decline of caribou populations. This knowledge can then be used to develop appropriate conservation strategies across the range of caribou in west‐central Alberta and east‐central British Columbia. This Year 2011 report describes findings related to the main knowledge gap stated in our approved PTAC proposal: how does wolf predation affect caribou mortality in the summer and which manageable‐by‐industry factors contribute to summer predation?