Tweedsmuir-Entiako Caribou (Rangifer tarandus) Tactical Restoration Plan

Deborah Cichowski
Scott McNay
Viktor Brumovsky
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This Report was prepared for BC Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, Smithers, B.C.

This Tactical Restoration Plan was developed to provide guidance on priorities for restoration in the Tweedsmuir-Entiako caribou range. The plan includes a framework for selecting priorities for restoration with an emphasis on functional restoration of linear corridors to reduce predator movement and predation risk, and is intended to be used as a planning tool for restoration activities on the range. 

Specific objectives of the Tactical Restoration Plan for the Tweedsmuir-Entiako caribou range include:

  • to produce a comprehensive habitat disturbance map for the range;
  • to develop criteria for prioritizing restoration activities and identifying restoration sites within priority restoration areas;
  • to engage with First Nations to incorporate knowledge and interests, develop criteria, and coordinate priority areas for restoration activities within the range;
  • to develop preliminary restoration implementation plans for two priority restoration sites; and,
  • to develop a monitoring plan for collecting data to assess treatment success and wildlife response to restoration activities.

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