Video - LRIGS Anthroposol Discussion Panel

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Anne Naeth
Konstantin Dlusskiy
Leonard Leskiw
Chris Powter
Andy Etmanski
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Humans impact everything, including our soil. We remove, mix and compact soil horizons. We add amendments, including waste materials, to replace soil or improve its health. Soils that that have been highly modified, transformed, or constructed by humans, are known as Anthroposols.
Did you know soil scientists have been working for almost 20 years to include Anthroposols in the Canadian System of Soil Classification? 
Learn about the challenges in classification and use of Anthroposols, and their importance in reclaiming disturbed land. The panel is composed of 5 land reclamation professionals: M Anne Naeth, Konstantin Dlusskiy, Leonard Leskiw, Chris Powter and Andy Etmanski. Each brings a unique perspective to the topic from their careers in academia, industry, consulting, and government. 

This event is hosted by the Land Reclamation International Graduate School (LRIGS).