Video - Revegetation Success of Foothills Fescue Grassland (2013)

Jay Woosaree
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Fescue grassland is very difficult to restore, due in part to poor establishment of seeds and erratic seed production. It requires on-going maintenance is required to have long term success. Yet, it is an important type of ecosystem to restore since it provides habitat for several sensitive plant and wildlife species. Jay Woosaree, Revegetation Ecologist for Alberta Innovates -- Technology Futures, discusses fescue grassland in general and the Del Bonita study design site in particular during this presentation. 

The Del Bonita Study design used a combination of seed and plant plugs during the revegetation process. Seeds, such as Northern wheatgrass and green needle grass were planted, and plant plugs included such species as the ground plum, and the Colorado rubber. The plans for 2014 and beyond include the establishment of grass, and the ability to allow cows and ground nesting birds to use the land. 

This presentation was a part of the Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada, Resource Access and Ecological Issues Forum, November 2013.