Species and Areas Under Protection: Challenges and Opportunities for the Canadian Northern Corridor

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Steven Vamosi
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This paper is part of a special series in The School of Public Policy Publications, investigating a concept that would connect the nation’s southern infrastructure to a new series of corridors across middle and northern Canada. This paper is an output of the Canadian Northern Corridor Research Program.

The Canadian Northern Corridor Research Program at The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary, is the leading platform for information and analysis on the feasibility, desirability, and acceptability of a connected series of infrastructure corridors throughout Canada. Endorsed by the Senate of Canada, this work responds to the Council of the Federation’s July 2019 call for informed discussion of pan-Canadian economic corridors as a key input to strengthening growth across Canada and “a strong, sustainable and environmentally responsible economy.” This Research Program will benefit all Canadians, providing recommendations to advance the infrastructure planning and development process in Canada. 

This paper, “Species and Areas Under Protection: Challenges and Opportunities for the Canadian Northern Corridor”, falls under theme Environmental Impact of the program’s eight research themes:

  • Strategic and Trade Dimensions
  • Funding and Financing Dimensions
  • Legal and Regulatory Dimensions
  • Organization and Governance
  • Geography and Engineering
  • Economic Outcomes
  • Social Benefits and Costs
  • Environmental Impact

All publications can be found at www.canadiancorridor.ca/research