Video - Assessing a Novel Technology Using a Tailings Management Simulation Model

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Nicholas Beier
Dave Sego
Norbert Morgenstern
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Dr. Nicholas Beier is a Research Associate with the Oil Sands Tailings Research Facility, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta.

He describes his doctoral thesis research using tailings management simulation software (TMSim) to evaluate a novel tailings treatment technology, Cross Flow Filtration. 

Cross Flow Filtration offers the possibility of eliminating fluid fine tailings (and as a consequence the very long settlement of fine clay in the fluid tailings). It also returns warm process water back to the oil extraction process, saving on heating costs. 

TMSim allowed Dr. Beier to model the treatment technology at full industrial scale and determine whether the technology would achieve the functionality promised in pilot tests.

TMSim was also built to model other tailings treatment technologies. 

Dr. Beier's presentation was part of the Oil Sands Tailings 2014 Conference, Lake Louise, Alberta, Dec. 8-10, 2014.