Recent Climate Change has Driven Divergent Hydrological Shifts in High-latitude Peatlands

Hui Zhang
Minna Väliranta
Graeme Swindles
Marco Aquino-López
Donal Mullan
Ning Tan
Matthew Amesbury
Kirill Babeshko
Kunshan Bao
Anatoly Bobrov
Viktor Chernyshov
Marissa Davies
Andrei-Cosmin Diaconu
Angelica Feurdean
Sarah Finkelstein
Michelle Garneau
Zhengtang Guo
Miriam Jones
Martin Kay
Eric Klein
Mariusz Lamentowicz
Gabriel Magnan
Katarzyna Marcisz
Natalia Mazei
Yuri Mazei
Richard Payne
Nicolas Pelletier
Sanna Piilo
Steve Pratte
Thomas Roland
Damir Saldaev
William Shotyk
Thomas Sim
Thomas Sloan
Michał Słowiński
Julie Talbot
Liam Taylor
Andrey Tsyganov
Sebastian Wetterich
Wei Xing
Yan Zhao
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High-latitude peatlands are changing rapidly in response to climate change, including permafrost thaw. Here, we reconstruct hydrological conditions since the seventeenth century using testate amoeba data from 103 high-latitude peat archives. We show that 54% of the peatlands have been drying and 32% have been wetting over this period, illustrating the complex ecohydrological dynamics of high latitude peatlands and their highly uncertain responses to a warming climate.